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Invest in Your Child's Education

Mission Statement


At Academic Oasis, our mission is to advance academic excellence and instill a love for learning. As the leading provider of tutoring and homeschooling services in Ormond Beach, we are devoted to delivering tailored one-on-one tutoring that empowers students to achieve academic success. We respond to the evolving needs of families by providing flexible online tutoring services, ensuring accessibility and convenience.


Our commitment to enrichment is central to our approach. We seamlessly integrate weekly activities and laboratory experiences, enhancing the overall learning journey for our students. Academic Oasis is dedicated to being a catalyst for transformation, shaping individualized support, flexibility, and comprehensive enrichment in the academic landscape.

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Meet the Owners

Jaclyn Veloce


B.A. Elementary Education M.A. Curriculum, Instruction & Supervision

M.A. Administration

21 Years Teaching Experience

Shannon Olson


B.A. Science in Secondary Science Education

Exceptional Student Education K-12

11 Years Teaching Experience

What Happy
Students &
Parents Say

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Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png

"Great tutor and cares about
her students."

Farrah Akileh, 12/1/2022

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Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png
Golden Star _edited.png

"Thank you, Jaclyn, for a great session! Michael loved it!" 😊

Aggie Katz, 11/16/2022

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