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Homeschool K-6

Are you ready to homeschool your child?

Today, numerous parents are questioning the quality of their child's education for a variety of reasons. The pressures of high-stakes testing, ineffective teaching, the neglect of individual needs, and an environment lacking in stimulation contribute to the concerns and frustrations experienced by parents. At Academic Oasis, we empathize with these challenges and aim to address and alleviate them in our unique educational environment.  As former public school teachers with over 30 years teaching experience combined, we not only understand parents' frustrations, but we lived those experiences ourselves.  We strive for all students, regardless of their ability or learning style, to get a high-quality education at their own pace.

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Advantages of Homeschooling Your Child at Academic Oasis

  • High quality certified teachers with years of teaching experience

  • Exceptional curriculum books and materials

  • Individual paced learning target goals

  • High stakes learning, not high stakes testing

  • Flexible small group or one-on-one private tutoring opportunities

  • Multiple STEM lab experiences

  • We create your child's learning portfolio and handle all the paperwork for your records

  • We accept the PEP Scholarship (Personalized Education Program) for homeschoolers

  • We accept the FES-UA Scholarship (Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities)

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Homeschool Options

Choice 1 - Academic Oasis Academy - Full Time Mon-Thurs 9:30am-2pm

  • Free parent consultation to discuss a personalized plan for your child.

  • Curriculum books and materials provided.

  • Certified teachers with prior years of teaching experience.

  • Classes include math, science, reading & writing, social studies, STEM and art.

  • One-on-one and small group instructional lessons.

  • We handle your child's education portfolio including a certified teacher signing off on your child's Annual Written Home Education Evaluation Form.

  • Your child will learn at their own pace.  Once your child shows mastery of the concept/topic, that is when we move your child onto the next concept/topic.  

  • Teachers will provide learning target goals for your child throughout the year.

Choice 2 - Friday Plunge - Fridays 10am-2pm

  • Dedicated day to focus on subject(s) that your child may more focus on in order to demonstrate mastery from the week's covered topics.  ​

  • Time spent on challenging students to get a deeper understanding of the curriculum

  • One-on-one reteaching, reinforcing and practicing skills, and/or challenges for students who have reached mastery level.

Choice 3 - FLVS (Florida Virtual School) or VOL (Volusia Online Learning -

Mon.-Fri. 9:30am-2pm

  • Certified teachers can help your child with their online courses by providing on-one-o individual instruction and assistance with all of their classes.

  • Identify the areas where your child might need additional support with online classwork, projects and other assessments.  

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